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Brushing Your Dachshunds Teeth

There is nothing more important for your dog’s oral hygiene than proper dog teeth cleaning. Unhealthy gums and rotting teeth can affect more than just his mouth- his overall health may also see a serious decline. Fortunately, once you get into a routine, keeping your dog’s teeth clean is a piece of cake. Some dogs are very willing to allow their owners to brush their teeth, while others will run the minute they see the tooth brush pulled out. The key to succeeding is to remain patient and to always remember not to force him to let you brush his teeth.

To start out, you will want to slowly introduce him to having his teeth cleaned with a tooth brush. There are all kinds of flavored toothpastes for dogs out there that are very helpful when it comes to getting him accustomed to a toothbrush. When you choose flavors like chicken or turkey your dog will look at having his teeth brushed as he would a treat. The most important part of introducing him to a toothbrush is to start out very slow and be consistent. Don’t scold him for not wanting you to brush his teeth- for some dogs the unknown can be very frightening. If you start out by yelling at him for pushing the brush away he will never learn to like having his teeth cleaned. Sometimes, it’s helpful to offer him a real treat after you get done.

Aside from consistently brushing his teeth to manually remove the tarter yourself, you should also consider purchasing a type of dog food that is specifically aimed at oral health. There are many formulations out there that can help keep the plaque to a minimum, it’s just a matter of reading the packages. You can also offer him various things to chew on, like rawhide or dental sticks. Both products are not only perfect for keeping the tarter from building up on his teeth, but they are also good treats. Your dog won’t even realize that that your purpose for giving him a frequent treats is for dog teeth cleaning.


Once you start brushing your dog’s teeth you need to make sure you stick with it- you will be doing him a favor by looking out for his health. He will eventually come around and love the extra attention, and you will feel good that you are doing something healthy for your furry friend.